Production of Woodky

Woodky story began to be written in 2017 when I wanted to buy a wooden house in the garden, but I could not choose from any of the available ones. I like original and quality things and that’s why I decided to build my first wood because I did not trust serial production for sale. Woodka, or our tiny house, was supposed to be an alternative to the classic way of living and at the same time environmentally friendly. The first Woodka did not have the opportunity to be on the license plate or wheels, I created a hut, which I placed in a secluded place by a pond in the Novohradské Mountains and was completely self-sufficient. After some time, I wanted to move the tiny house and at this point, I realized that I could start making Woodky, on wheels, especially mobile ones. I sat down at the table and thought about the whole technology, which was probably the biggest problem of this whole project, it took a lot of effort to make everything work for everyday life, to make the Woodka perfectly self-sufficient, to be able to legally transport on our roads and especially to be original, but in the end the Woodka as we know it today was created. The idea for the whole glass wall came to the aforementioned pond in a secluded place when I got out of bed and wanted to see the beauty of nature around me. At present, it is possible to visit our tiny house at the Lipno Dam or near the Hluboká nad Vltavou Chateau

Tomáš Suchý –