About us

We are a bunch of enthusiasts who are lucky enough to have a hobby as our occupation.

WOODKA is the result of our desire for excellence and more than 7 years of development and experience with our own production and operation. We have tried many variations, materials before arriving at our final product. Thanks to this process, we have managed to develop a truly well thought out modular tiny house system. We manufacture the WOODKA ourselves in our modern hall, all the materials used and the quality craftsmanship with attention to every detail give us confidence that the WOODKA will serve you successfully for a long time, so we do not hesitate to provide all customers with a 5-year warranty on all structural elements.

This is our team at your disposal at any time:


Projection & production

+420 775 946 880


Sales & marketing

+420 724 621 321


Technology & production

+420 733 791 469



+420 606 769 781



+420 731 956 567

We will make the WOODKA according to your preferences, then simply place it on your land. If you want to change the location at any time, it is possible immediately, we have designed WOODKA for this.

WOODKA is ready to dazzle with design and functionality, because we have thought it through to the last screw, so purposefully that it will fully replace a 2-bedroom apartment.

WOODKA is self-sufficient thanks to the energy system: hi-tech batteries, water tank, filters, combustion toilet, air conditioning and gas heating, all of which will ensure you the comfort of a full-fledged home at minimal cost.

Stáhněte si náš e-book

Stáhněte si náš e-book

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